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Netflix Announces Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove returns in July.

Hemlock Grove is coming back to Netflix. The supernatural thriller series from executive producer Eli Roth will make all 10 of the season 2’s episodes on Friday, July 11.

The trailer just shows the mesmerizing Olivia Godfrey, played by Famke Janssen from X-Men, morphing through the screen as a snippet of music plays. I think they’re singing, “it feels better lying down,” which I’m not sure if you’re supposed do right after taking hemlock.

Hemlock Grove also stars Bill Skarsgård from Simon & The Oaks, Landon Liboiron from Terra Nova, plays a wolf man and Dougray Scott from Mission Impossible II.

Hemlock Grove follows the supernatural incidents of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. The small town is reeling from a massacre. Last season was based on the book by Brian McGreevy. This season McGreevy will veer off into newer and darker corners.

The show will be run by Charles H. “Chic” Eglee, who worked on The Shield, Dexter and The Walking Dead. Hemlock Grove was nominated for a special effects Emmy last year.

Eli Roth told the media “I cannot wait for fans to see what’s in store for Season 2 – it is going to blow away all expectations. Netflix has been an incredible partner, and whenever we wanted to take the story in a dangerous direction, they encouraged us to go even further – into a scarier, darker, and sexier place. We guarantee you won’t see anything like this anywhere else on television.”


Jul 14, 2013
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Jul 14, 2013

Jul 12, 2013
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Jul 12, 2013

May 24, 2013

Hemlock Grove’s Famke Janssen joined in on AfterBuzz TV’s Hemlock Grove aftershow discussion Tuesday night. In her interview, Janssen talks about the potential of a second season for Hemlock Grove, why she doesn’t want to be an actress forever and more.

Hemlock Grove’s Famke Janssen joined in on AfterBuzz TV’s Hemlock Grove aftershow discussion Tuesday night. In her interview, Janssen talks about the potential of a second season for Hemlock Grove, why she doesn’t want to be an actress forever and more.
Janssen on Directing vs. Acting
“I feel really blessed that I’ve been able to do both [act and direct]…I think as a woman it’s always a little bit trickier…I felt that as a model too, because I was a model before I was an actress, that I didn’t want to be in the refrigerator past my expiration date. I feel the same way in acting. I don’t want to be the rotten milk in the fridge. I would like to opt out a little bit before that happens, preferably. I really enjoy writing and directing and I have a lot to learn still in that, so I hope to do it more.”
Janssen on A Second Season for Hemlock Grove:
“[The] second season is being discussed. It’s not in the works. But it’s being discussed. We will all find out soon whether that is actually going to be happening. Soon as in the next couple weeks, by June or something I think they need to make up their minds. Contractually I’m part of this show. So, if it goes again you will be more than likely to see me again.”
Janssen on Joking Around with Castmates:
“We’re not deeply character type of actors where we really take that stuff very seriously. So we joked around. Dougray [Norman Godfrey] and I did a lot, too. Especially when scenes get more tense you try to find a way to just keep it light in between. Unless it’s really demanding and then I don’t talk to anybody and just stay in character and stay in a dreary state or whatever I need to be. But no- Bill and I got along really well as did with most of the other cast. It was quite a nice atmosphere on set.
Janssen on How Hemlock Grove is Different Than Other Projects She’s Worked on:
“[Hemlock Grove] is very intensive because you shoot 13 episodes over 6 months. We shot about 8 days per episode or something. That’s an hour in 8 days. Some of the movies that take an hour and a half of screen time take about 6 months, 3 months, 4 months, whatever. So of course it’s extremely quick in comparison. Even a movie- I directed a movie called ‘Bringing Up Bobby,’ which was shot in 20 days. But still 20 days versus 8 days- 20 days for an hour and a half, and this is 8 days for an hour. So it goes very quickly when you’re filming it. Right before you’re finished with one episode you get the new scenes and new script for the following episode. The pacing is very different from filmmaking.”
Janssen on Hemlock Grove’s Netflix adaptation being different than the book:
“There are differences throughout [the Netflix adaptation]. The very ending of the show is different then the ending of the book for example. It became it’s own thing which is very good I think because novels tend to be too big. I think for a large part we stayed fairly true to the book.”

(Phone conversation with Famke starts at around 10:15 mins)

May 21, 2013
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May 04, 2013
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I can’t embed it so please click here to view.:)

Apr 12, 2013
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