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Apr 28, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove

There’s an article on Hemlock Grove in the May 3, 2013 Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to Victoria for these <3

Entertainment Weekly – May 3, 2013

Apr 25, 2013
By Chanel • Captures,Hemlock Grove
Apr 21, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove,Interview

Creating a horror television show is a tricky feat. It requires balancing the right amount of shock-and-gore along with compelling characters to keep fans clamoring for more – and Netflix’s HEMLOCK GROVE delivers on both. Helmed by horror master Eli Roth and based on the terrifying world created in Brian McGreevly’s book, HEMLOCK GROVE weaves together characters that raise the hair on the back of your neck yet draw you in deeper and deeper into a supernatural mystery story.

When a young teenage girl is found mauled to death, fear and suspicions abound as a gypsy boy (Landon Liboiron) is rumored to be a werewolf. Peter and his mother (Lili Taylor) had recently moved to Hemlock Grove in hopes of settling there after his uncle’s death; but their heritage makes them unwelcome in a community that seeks to keep its deep, dark secrets buried. Reigning over the town is the ultra rich Godfrey family, who prey on the unsuspecting populace. Everyone feels a slight unease with the Godfrey family, who despite their glamor remain aloof; not to mention they own a medical facility that is thought to house untold scientific experiments.

Just who or what is stalking their youth, and how do the Godfreys and the gypsies figure into the lurking sense of unnaturalness surrounding them, those are the mysteries that slowly unfold throughout the 13-episode horror series.

During press interviews at WonderCon in Anaheim, stars Dougray Scott, Famke Janssen, Aaron Douglas, and Kandyse McClure provided some insight into murder, mystery and intrigue that layer HEMLOCK GROVE.

What drew you to HEMLOCK GROVE?
DOUGRAY: I’m a fan of Famke and have wanted to work with her for quite some time. Then the writing was very different and quite good. I had read the novel before I agreed to do the series and just the multi-layers and the fact that it was adapted from a novel, that drew me. It was complicated and the relationships were complicated. You were never quite sure what was going to happen next. I also liked the idea of doing something new, as well. Netflix and that whole new media world, I think a lot of things are going that way and we were at the beginning.

You both play fascinating characters that are very strong, yet very broken at the same time. You can see that right away. It’s like watching a fractured mirror on screen. That must be interesting as an actor to take that character and realize you need to show some inner-strength and at the same time realize you can be too strong and you have look like you’re falling apart a little bit emotionally.
FAMKE: (Laughs) It feels to me like normal life. But there is something to that. They are very real. The characters are all flawed. They are all full of problems and there’s a certain thing projected to the outside world and another inner world going on — and I do believe that most of us are like that. We’re all programmed to be that way. The world’s just a complicated place, so it’s nice to be part of something where you can bring those kinds of complexities to the people that you play.

It seems like HEMLOCK GROVE has also allowed for richer storylines for the parental figures as well as the teenagers in the story.
DOUGRAY: I noticed that right from the beginning that there were non-teenager characters. You can go for the “Twilight” audience, but I think you open up bigger, wider audience if you tie into an audience who enjoy grown up relationships.
Those relationships shape all the younger characters’ relationships as well, without that you would not see the strings tying them all together.
DOUGRAY: They all certainly have their arc and their history.


Apr 21, 2013
Apr 19, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove,Interview

With the success it enjoyed in February by launching an entire season of House Of Cards at once, Netflix next ventures to the world of horror with its new series, Hemlock Grove, based on the novel by Brian McGreevy.
All 13 episodes of go live today via streaming on Netflix.
Besides McGreevy adapting his book for the series, horror master Eli Roth (Hostel) is also on board as Executive Producer/Director and the cast is headlined by Famke Janssen, who takes a break from the X-Men franchise to sink her teeth into the role of complicated matriarch Olivia Godfrey.

I saw down recently with Janssen to talk about what other classic – and unique – TV shows Hemlock is like, while also touching on the relationship between Olivia and her son and her wish to play more comedic roles…

TV Fanatic: Talk to me about Olivia. From all the roles you’ve played throughout your career, how is she different?
Famke Janssen: When I read it, I thought this has the potential to be something very different from what I’ve played, but there are traps that I can see in here that may remind people of Ava Moore from Nip/Tuck or something like that.
So, I had a conversation with Eli Roth on the phone [and] I said, “Look, I don’t want to go down that route because I’ve done it before and I’m going to repeat myself. I want to try something different with it. Let me know sort of what you’re thinking.”
I had a very good experience on Nip/Tuck with that. Ryan Murphy got inspired by the people he works with so he starts writing for them as the show goes on. We had never worked together before so when he saw where I was taking Ava Moore…he was like ‘I didn’t know she could cry so well. Oh my God, I didn’t realize this aspect of her.’ So, he would embellish on that and whatever.
So, one of the things I fought for was a very specific dialect, which is a little bit more in the way that those movie stars from the 1930s spoke, that Mid-Atlantic, Transatlantic, whatever that’s called. So, I did that. That helped me. I’m only dressed in white, which is another sort of fun element…she’s very mysterious anyway. What time she’s from, where she’s from, what her background is. It’s entirely fabricated and it’s put on this, more than likely, this way of speak. So those elements made it really fun for me to play her.

TVF: Okay. There’s a line in the trailer (BELOW) where the question is asked, ‘Who are you? What are you?’ Is that specific to the theme of the show being about identity and who people are?
FJ: A little bit both. I mean it was specifically directed to me, that line. But the show has larger themes.
TVF: This seems like it’s going to be the kind of show where we’re going to learn a lot in pieces. True?
FJ: Yeah. Don’t expect a linear story or character development in any traditional way. It’s really different in that sense. What my attraction to it was the Twin Peaks feel. Today people still talk about Twin Peaks and have no idea what really happened or who some of these people were. That is what I hope they will continue to go down that path with Hemlock. I think that will be actually its strength.
TVF: Olivia is a mother to Roman, played by Bill Skarsgård, who’s great. What kind of mother is she and what’s their relationship like?
FJ: It’s a complicated relationship. She has two children. She has this seven foot monstrosity of the young girl who’s deformed and is a product of this biomedical institute and young Roman, who’s played by Bill Skarsgård. They’re very similar in the way that similarity between a parent and a child would cause a lot of friction. And she’s controlling because she has very specific plans for him. He, of course, has very specific plans of getting out of her agenda.
TVF: How would you define the relationship between Olivia and Norman (Dougray Scott), her brother-in-law?
FJ: They’re lovers. That’s how I would describe that. They’ve had a long-term relationship on and off.
TVF: Is it more physical or is it also emotional?
FJ: It’s both. She was married to his brother, brother committed suicide. Then they both have their children and lives and whatever. But it’s this ongoing relationship that’s complicated, like everybody else in the story. The characters are complex and complicated and are intertwined in various ways.
TVF: I was looking over all your credits and everything leans a little more towards the dramatic side instead of comedy, but yet Love and Sex (the 2000 romantic comedy with Jon Favreau) is one of my favorite movies.
FJ: Me too! Can I tell you, it’s something I so badly wish I had been able to do more of. I just don’t get cast that way. In the studio films I am typecast in a very specific kind of way. Very strong, alien, other-worldly femme fatale, kickass women. That has sort of dictated what’s happened. I’ve fought going against type for my entire career…I look a very specific way. Unless people get to know me, they know how quirky and goofy I am. But you have to see Love and Sex, which nobody did. Or you have to come into my home life and then you’ll know.


Apr 17, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove,Interview

Hemlock Grove is a long way from Forks. Netflix’s sophomore scripted series, which premieres Friday, is a dark, gothic thriller that aims to make viewers forget about the virginal vampires and werewolves of Twilight.

Executive produced by horror heavyweight Eli Roth (Hostel) and based on the book by Brian McGreevy, it’s a dark murder mystery full of secrets, sex, and biotech-gone-bad, topped off with plenty of Roth’s signature guts and gore. That may be a lot to tackle in a season, but everyone involved set out to make something that would not only shock, but be more than just another supernatural weekly show.

“This is not even television,” says star Famke Janssen (Taken). Though shot so each episode could be viewed as a standalone, Roth used the structure and length to adjust the overall pacing and give it a cinematic feel. “The whole notion of Netflix putting the entire season online and idea of people being able to watch it in a continuous way — it’s really where everybody is going if they’re not there already,” she adds. “And it’s nice to be part of the future for once.”
“We are coming from the movie business, so we are always more obsessed by the quality of what we are doing than by the business we can do out of it,” says Gaumont vice CEO Christophe Riandee, whose new LA-based TV studio produced the show. “From our perspective, it was the way to go and to make a very high-end TV drama with some of the best talent in the world.”
In addition to Janssen, the show stars Dougray Scott (My Week With Marilyn), Lili Taylor (Public Enemies) and newcomer Bill Skarsgard (brother of True Blood’s Alexander and son of The Avengers’ Stellan). Janssen and Skarsgard sat down with The Hollywood Reporter during MIPTV in Cannes to discuss working on the first season of the show.
“Even I thought, ‘Really? Are we doing this again?’” says Skarsgard of what he expected to be yet another rehash of the overdone genre. “It’s vampires and werewolves. It’s been so explored already even I’m fed up with it. But when I started reading it, it kind of blew my mind.”


Apr 17, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove

Apr 12, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove,Videos

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Apr 12, 2013