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May 28, 2013
By Chanel • Interview

Famke Janssen, the actress and former model, on hotels from hell, finding love in Paris, and spotting hippos in Mombasa.

How often do you travel?
I am on a plane almost every week. I live in New York City, my family is in Holland, while my boyfriend, Cole, lives in LA, so I am constantly on the move. Plus I film all over the world, and then travel globally to promote those films. I haven’t actually had a vacation for two years. By the time I’ve visited my family and Cole, I am too exhausted to get on a plane to go somewhere else. A staycation with my dog, Licorice, is heaven.
Favourite type of holiday?
In the past I’ve been on all sorts of sporty vacations, including skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing and windsurfing trips. I’ve skied all over Europe and the United States and count Les Trois Vallées, Utah and Telluride, in Colorado, among my most memorable resorts.
Do you take part in any other sports on holiday?
These days I tend to stick to hiking, swimming or cycling. I remember going on cycling holidays with my girlfriends, camping or staying in youth hostels in small towns south-west of Amsterdam, including Noordwijk. I am still a fan of cycling, although I now prefer to enjoy it as part of a more luxurious stay somewhere. I have a Dutch bike in New York, which has a big basket on the front for my dog to sit in.
Earliest travel memory?
Most of the time, my parents just aimed for a holiday with sun. We flew all over Europe visiting Portugal, Spain, Greece and England; we even went to Africa a couple of times. We had planned to go on safari on one trip, but my dad contracted malaria so we had to shorten our stay.
Favourite European destinations?
Istanbul (below), where I filmed Taken 2 with Liam Neeson, is absolutely beautiful. For GoldenEye, the Bond film I filmed in 1994, we shot on location in the south of France and Monaco. Surprisingly, although much of the film was set in St Petersburg, I never set foot in Russia, which was a disappointment as I really wanted to go there. The majority of the set was at Pinewood Studios, in England.
Which Bond would make your ideal travel companion?
I don’t know. I have only worked opposite Pierce Brosnan. I’m sure all the Bonds have their own charm.
Most adventurous travel experience?
In my early days as a model, I travelled to Africa for a shoot. The client had chartered a small plane so it was just the pilot, the make-up artist, the stylist and me. We flew to lots of different locations, just landing wherever the stylist dictated. Along the way we met remote tribes and saw amazing wildlife. It was a beautiful experience.


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