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Apr 17, 2013
By Chanel • Hemlock Grove,Interview

Hemlock Grove is a long way from Forks. Netflix’s sophomore scripted series, which premieres Friday, is a dark, gothic thriller that aims to make viewers forget about the virginal vampires and werewolves of Twilight.

Executive produced by horror heavyweight Eli Roth (Hostel) and based on the book by Brian McGreevy, it’s a dark murder mystery full of secrets, sex, and biotech-gone-bad, topped off with plenty of Roth’s signature guts and gore. That may be a lot to tackle in a season, but everyone involved set out to make something that would not only shock, but be more than just another supernatural weekly show.

“This is not even television,” says star Famke Janssen (Taken). Though shot so each episode could be viewed as a standalone, Roth used the structure and length to adjust the overall pacing and give it a cinematic feel. “The whole notion of Netflix putting the entire season online and idea of people being able to watch it in a continuous way — it’s really where everybody is going if they’re not there already,” she adds. “And it’s nice to be part of the future for once.”
“We are coming from the movie business, so we are always more obsessed by the quality of what we are doing than by the business we can do out of it,” says Gaumont vice CEO Christophe Riandee, whose new LA-based TV studio produced the show. “From our perspective, it was the way to go and to make a very high-end TV drama with some of the best talent in the world.”
In addition to Janssen, the show stars Dougray Scott (My Week With Marilyn), Lili Taylor (Public Enemies) and newcomer Bill Skarsgard (brother of True Blood’s Alexander and son of The Avengers’ Stellan). Janssen and Skarsgard sat down with The Hollywood Reporter during MIPTV in Cannes to discuss working on the first season of the show.
“Even I thought, ‘Really? Are we doing this again?’” says Skarsgard of what he expected to be yet another rehash of the overdone genre. “It’s vampires and werewolves. It’s been so explored already even I’m fed up with it. But when I started reading it, it kind of blew my mind.”


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